New Mexico Recycling & Solid Waste Conference:
Recovery, Redesign, Resiliency (R3)
September 20-22, 2021

Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown
Jointly Hosted by The New Mexico Recycling Coalition &
New Mexico SWANA Roadrunner Chapter

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Tuesday, September 21
Keynote Speaker, Brenda Haney Solid Waste Director City of Lubbock & National President of SWANA
Lessons Learned.......Where Do We Go From Here? 
Breakout Session A
Recycling in New Mexico - Statewide UpdatesLandfill Management
Levi Lementino & Amanda Otieno, NM Environment Department, Solid Waste Bureau: Using State Data to Identify Recycling Trends in New MexicoAndy Yuhas, Parkhill: Regulatory Shift in Landfill NSPS and Emissions Guidelines, State Implementation, Compliance Hurdles and Emissions Challenges 
Juliana Ciano, NM Recycling Coalition: Know What to Throw NM Media Campaign - Available Tools & Statewide Impact Ken Ziegler, City of Albuquerque: Visualizing Pre-Regulatory Closed Landfills: Albuquerque’s Experience
Dr. Sonia Samir, Parkhill: PFAS_and PAH - Why New Regulations? Are They Regulated?
 Breakout Session B
Landfill Gas & AirspaceSustainable Materials Management & Environmental Justice
Paul Olson, City of Albuquerque: No Country for Old LandGEM, Landfill Gas Generation Forecasting Problems in Arid Regions Lisa Skumatz, SERA: The Social Side is Really Important: Quantitative Evidence on Recycling Access, Performance and Other Factors in the US
Matt Kingsley & Frank Pugsley, Parkhill: Landfill Airspace Management Efficiency: The Righ Equipment and the Right Amount of SoilGloria Skeet & Roselyn John: Navajo Nation, Baahaali & Chichiltah Chapter: Overcoming Rural Recycling Challenges on Navajo Nation
Tom Parker & Doug Williams, Jacobs: Design of an Active LFG Control System at an Arid Site Lisa Larocque, City of Las Cruces: Las Cruces' New Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban: A Step by Step Process
Wednesday, September 22
Breakout Session C
Organics Diversion  Reducing Contamination of Recyclables
Sarah Pierpont, NM Recycling Coalition: Backyard Compost Virtual TrainingLisa Skumatz & Ann Vander Vliet, SERA: Best Strategies for Addressing Contamination - New Results from a Nationwide Study, Why are OOPS Tags So Popular & DO They Work?
Genevieve Morgan, NM Environment Department, Solid Waste Bureau: Autumn is Here: How to Start Composting Leaves from Backyards to MunicipalitiesMichaela Beggins, City of Santa Fe: Recycle Right: Effective Local Messaging
Charles Fiedler, Parkhill: Organic Evapotranspiration Cover - The White Paper Report
Breakout Session D
A Closer Look at NM ProgramsCircular Economy & Recycling Markets
Michelle Leonard, SCS Engineers: Los Alamos County - Food Scrap Diversion Feasibility StudyMegan Daum, American Beverage Association: Every Bottle Back: The Beverage Industry's Commitment to Circularity 
Tammy Belone, Jemez Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo: A Rural Example of Scalable RecyclingMeghan Wiebe, RRS Consulting: End Markets Accelerated - A Collaborative Approach to Building Circular Economies
Lucy Stanus, NM Clean & Beautiful, NM Dept of Tourism: NM Clean & Beautiful Grants: Investing in Waste Reduction Throughout New MexicoFrank Sanchez & Victoria Lara, Town Recycling: Changing Markets & Impacts on New Mexico's Recycling
Lunch and Plenary Session: Data-Driven Programs - Making Informed Choices in SW and Recycling
Dave Yanke, NewGen Strategies & Solutions, LLC & Jill Holbert, City of Albuquerque: Evaluating the Feasibility of Building a Municipal MRF-A Case Study for the City of Albuquerque
Shirlene Sitton, City of Santa Fe: Increasing Efficiency with On-Board Solid Waste Tracking Systems.
Afternoon: Solid Waste and Recycling Roundtable Discussion
Greg Polk, Filmmaker - New Mexicans Taking Action on Plastic Waste Short Documentary
Ernie Rodarte, PNM Resources: PNM's Corporate-wide Diversion Program: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Jalal Rastegary, NMSU: Engineering New Mexico Resource Network's NM Pollution Prevention Program
Anthony Lucero, PNM Resources: PNMR Fleet Electrification Acquisition Strategy
Genevieve Morgan, NM Environment Dept: Solid Waste Bureau: Recycling & Compost Facility Registration Overview


Recycling Awards

Congratulations to the 2021 Recycling Award Winners!

2021 NM Recycling Coalition Recycling Award Winners:

Þ Diversion Project of the Year – Town Recycling/Santa Fe Operations

Þ Resiliency/Safety Entity of the Year – South Central Solid Waste Authority

Þ Recycling Facility of the Year – University of New Mexico Recycling Services

Þ Compost Facility Employee of the Year  – Los Alamos County Environmental Services

Þ Recycler of the Year – Gloria Skeet, Navajo Nation Baahaali Chapter

Þ E. Gifford Stack Lifetime Achievement Award – Charles Fiedler


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