Board of Directors and Staff

NMRC Board 2016

NMRC Board and Staff at 2015 Retreat: From left, Joan Snider (outgoing board member), Mark Castelo, Anna Riggs-Eader, Terry Timme, Neal Denton, Cindy Padilla, Marlene Feuer, Walter Dods, Sarah Pierpont, Charles Fiedler, Geoff Bennett, Gino Romero, Sarah Schnell, Patrick Peck, Andrea Lawrence, Tarkeysha Burton, Mike Smith (outgoing board member), Bobby Sisneros, Danita Boettner, Jessi Just, Rob Taylor and Lorenzo Velasquez.

NMRC 2017 Board Members

  • Gino Romero, President, North Central Solid Waste Authority
  • Sarah Schnell, Vice President, Gordon PSC Environmental
  • Terry Timme, Secretary, Town of Silver City
  • Rob Taylor, Treasurer, Friedman Recycling
  • Patrick Peck, Past President, South Central Solid Waste Authority
  • Geoff Bennett,┬áSennheiser New Mexico
  • Danita Boettner, Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
  • Tarkeysha Burton, South Central Solid Waste Authority
  • Dan Darnell, Waste Management
  • Neal Denton, NM Environment Dept: Solid Waste Bureau
  • Walter Dods, Soilutions
  • Donna Domenici, City of Albuquerque
  • Robert Flynn, NMSU
  • Andrea Lawrence, NM Clean & Beautiful
  • Cindy Padilla, Citizen
  • David Reynolds, PNM Resources
  • Anna Riggs-Eader, Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority
  • Lorenzo Velasquez, Lea County

NMRC Staff