Board of Directors and Staff

NMRC's volunteer board of directors consists of up to 15 general seats and 4 ex-officio seats of professionals dedicated to leading New Mexico to value waste as a resource.   To see board member's contact information, please click HERE.

NMRC 2018 Board Members

The following NMRC Board Members are serving a 2018-2019 board term:

  • Sarah Schnell, New Mexico Environment Department: Surface Water (President)
  • Patrick Peck, South Central Solid Waste Authority (Vice President)
  • Keysha Burton, South Central Solid Waste Authority (Secretary)
  • Anna Riggs-Eader, Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority
  • Dana Vackar-Strang, New Mexico State Land Office
  • Vicki Lusk, Dona Ana County
  • John Shaski, Knowaste LLC
  • Lorenzo Velasquez, Lea County
  • Martha Lara, Town Recycling
  • Ralph Wrons, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Jacob Kruse, NM Department of Agriculture
  • Diane Wikler, City of Albuquerque

The following NMRC Board Members are serving a 2017-2018 board term or serve as an ex-officio board seat:

  • Danita Boettner, Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency (Treasurer)
  • Dan Darnell, Waste Management
  • Robert Flynn, NMSU
  • Walter Dods, NM Organics Recycling Organization Ex-Officio
  • Vacant, NM Clean and Beautiful/Keep NM True Ex-Officio
  • Vacant, NM Environment Department: Solid Waste Bureau Ex-Officio
  • Past President (Patrick Peck), Ex-Officio seat

We send our heartiest thank you’s to the 2017 departing board members who are either stepping down from their board seats or completing their board seat term:

  • Terry Timme, Town of Silver City
  • Geoff Bennett, Sennheiser
  • Cindy Padilla, Private Citizen
  • Donna Domenici, City of Albuquerque
  • David Reynolds, PNM

NMRC Staff