NMRC Hosted the Premier of the short-form documentary,
"New Mexicans Taking Action on Plastic Waste"

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The New Mexico Recycling Coalition hosted the virtual premiere and panel discussion of, "New Mexicans Taking Action on Plastic Waste" in the spring of 2021. Following the online premiere of the 17-minute documentary, panelists discussed the plastic waste crisis and how New Mexicans can get involved to find real solutions. Panelists included filmmaker, Greg Polk along with Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez, New Mexico's 3rd congressional district congresswoman and one of the original sponsors of the 2021 Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, (H.R. 2238, S.984) alongside experts working to resolve the plastic waste crisis, including Shane Trimmer, Legislative Director at the office of Congressman Alan Lowenthal; Eleanor Bravo, Environmental Consultant; Alexis Goldsmith, National Organizing Director at Beyond Plastics; Virgil Trujillo, Mayordomo of Abiquiu Pueblo's Acequia, and Sarah Pierpont from the New Mexico Recycling Coalition.

Learn More and Get Involved!

The “New Mexicans Taking Action on Plastic Waste,” movie premiere and panel discussion took place on April 1st with 137 attendees. Did you miss the event? Below is a recording of the event and follow-up items mentioned during the webinar.

  1. To view learn more about the making of the movie, watch it anytime and join the New Mexicans Taking Action on Plastic Waste list-serve, visit https://nmtakingaction.org/
  2. To view a recording of the webinar and see Representative Teresa Leger Fernandez and our expert panelists again, click WEBINAR RECORDING -  feel free to share this with anyone that you think may be interested.
  3. Eldorado/285 Recycles is hosting a screening of the Story of Plastics documentary and panel discussion on April 30th.  Learn more and sign up HERE
  4. Panelist Shane Trimmer noted that he would share information about the newly introduced Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act  (H.R. 2238S.984).  Click HERE to learn more about the bill and HERE for a section-by-section summary that explains how this bill would curb plastic pollution and hold producers accountable.  As mentioned during the webinar, this bill is the “gold standard” for reducing plastic pollution and covers a lot of ground.
  5. Are you interested in learning more about what YOU can do to take action on plastic waste? Beyond Plastics has an active email list that notifies subscribers about plastic pollution-related updates and information.  To join their list, visit https://www.beyondplastics.org/sign-up.
  6. To join Beyond Plastic’s organizing group, which meets biweekly to pass the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act through different strategies, such as constituent meetings, letters to the editor, social media, call-in days, etc. sign up at https://actionnetwork.org/forms/rsvp-2-12-21
  7. We are working to answer all of your questions, even if we didn’t have time during the webinar. Questions posed during the webinar that we did not have time to answer, are being answered by our panelists and can be found HERE.  Panelists will be adding more answers to this document in the next week or two as well. If you can’t open the Google Doc, please let me know.



Registration for the virtual premiere and panel discussion is required.  Click HERE.

Albuquerque-based filmmaker, Greg Polk, directed and produced a new documentary entitled, "New Mexicans Taking Action on Plastic Waste."  This 17-minute film explores the financial and environmental costs of plastic waste and the bi-products of plastic materials and production in New Mexico.  The film highlights the actions of ordinary New Mexicans who are taking on this crisis and draws on commentary from interviews with 22 individuals.  The film investigates the impact and true cost of plastic pollution in our waterways and natural environment as well as examines the complexities of plastic recycling and the financial and environmental costs of disposal.  The film is intended to both raise awareness of the issue and spark debate as a vehicle to spur further discussion.

George Richardson (Co-Producer & Director of Photography)
George is an interdisciplinary artist and photographer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A graduate of the University of New Mexico’s photography program, George’s practice is grounded in photographic-based media and two-dimensional image-making often incorporating elements of writing, painting & drawing, sculpture, and (increasingly) video. Additionally, George has worked on many commercial film productions and is a familiar face in art departments in the New Mexico film industry utilizing his graphic design skills and eye for detail.

Miranda Rivera & Gäel Whettnall (Shooting Crew)
Miranda and Gäel are a power-house couple in the New Mexico film industry. Both are avid and highly experienced climbers, which has taken them to countless remote areas of the state. Gäel has utilized his climbing skills for many years as a grip and rigging expert on large studio productions in the NM film industry and works as a crane technician. Miranda is a card-carrying member of the 600 camera union and works regularly as a member of camera department teams for some of the most accomplished cinematographers working today.

Attendees that are certified operators with the New Mexico Environment Department Solid Waste Bureau will receive one continuing education unit (CEU) credit towards their recertification.