Regional Recycling Market Development Workshop

NMRC is excited to combine the 2019 Annual Meeting and Recycling Training with the National Recycling Coalition to create the southwest's first regional recycling market development workshop.  Capitalizing on NRC’s success hosting similar workshops throughout the country in 2018 and NMRC’s success hosting the New Mexico Recycling Conference: Local Actions for Global Markets in the fall of 2018, both entities will bring their expertise to Albuquerque.  Join us for this unique opportunity for recyclers and composters to gather and share ideas with one another, as well as collaborate and learn how to enliven local and regional recycling markets as our industry evolves.

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Cost is $100 for NMRC or NRC members and $150 for non-members (lunch provided).

This day-long event takes place on June 11th at the Albuquerque Museum in Old Town (2000 Mountain Road NW).

Attendees will benefit from the training by gaining:

  • An understanding of what’s required to develop local end-markets for collected recyclables
  • Techniques on how to recycle right, create jobs, improve the quality and quantity of recyclables and increase efficiency in local programs
  • New contacts in the recycling industry to network with and leverage new partnerships
  • Free resources available that you can customize for your programs
  • Earn six CEU Credits that can be applied towards NM Environment Department's recycling, compost, landfill or transfer station operators certification

Program and Speaker Highlights

Susan Bush (above), Principal at Circular Matters, will give the opening presentation focusing on defining recycling market development (RMD) and how it differs from other recycling-related efforts. Susan will present her research on historical recycling market development concepts, what proved to be effective and why, and bring that information into present day circumstances. Susan will outline how to approach and strategically plan for RMD, and describe how RMD fits with the circular economy.

Attendees from Susan's presentation will take away information that will allow them to approach RMD in a thoughtful, strategic way.

Susan possesses over 20 years expertise working in the diversion industry and specializes in sustainable materials management and waste minimization. As a consultant, she helps clients implement programs and policies to reach their particular waste minimization and recycling goals.  Areas of expertise include materials market development, market analyses, program assessment and enhancement, policy analysis, developing waste and sustainable materials management plans, and developing professional certification training courses for recycling professionals. Susan has helped local, state and provincial governments, private companies, and industry organizations develop and improve their  diversion programs.


Chantal Fryer (above) has served as the Director of the Recycling Market Development at the South Carolina Department of Commerce for the past 13 years.  She manages the 14 member Governor-appointed South Carolina Recycling Market Development Advisory Council whose role is to advise the state on markets and actions necessary to continue to increase recycling in the state. She assists the recycling industry with market analysis and other economic development work. She provides manufacturers with technical assistance to help them recycle materials, connecting them with the $13 billion recycling industry across the state. She manages the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign that connects the act of recycling with the jobs it creates and is a partner with the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control on the Don't Waste Food SC initiative to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

NMRC/NRC will provide top-notch experts who will lead the conversation to further the recycling markets development discussion, including Chantal Fyer.  Chantal will discuss recycling market development at the state level, how this is achieved and who benefits.

With Chantal’s leadership the economic impact of recycling in the state now exceeds $13 billion.   South Carolina is home to over 500 recycling companies including collectors, processors, recycled product manufacturers and equipment makers.   In the last 5 years, the Commerce department helped facilitate the recycling industry recruitment of 3432 jobs, $1,641 billion in capital investment, and 50 new or existing companies investing in South Carolina.

How did they do this and how can we work towards this in New Mexico?  Chantal will explain her work providing business matchmaking support, administering one-on-one materials management consultation, working with existing and emerging markets for materials, and tracking the economic impact of the recycling industry.

Wayne Gjerde is the Recycling Market Development Coordinator with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Wayne possesses over 35 years of experience in market development, financial analysis, new business start-ups, and new product development in both the private and public sector.  Wayne will discuss his work consulting with startup and expanding recycling companies in the areas of finance, new product development, business plan development, sales and marketing.   His presentation will also highlight his extensive economic analysis work that links the environment and economy.

Kurt Fenstermacher, Deputy Director of Environmental Services Department at the City of El Paso, will provide a case study of the City’s efforts to reduce contamination, which hovered around 35%.  Kurt worked with The Recycling Partnership to organize and implement a cart-tagging and educational program that resulted in a 15% decrease in contamination within 8 weeks.  How did they achieve this and what did they do differently that saw a shift in the right direction?

Kurt helped the City of El Paso launch curbside recycling in 2007.  Kurt serves on the board of the Municipal Waste Management Association (MWMA) and previously served in board leadership roles of the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) and the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP).


Jan Rayman (above), CEO of Upcycling Technologies and founder and former CEO of ReWall, will outline how his organization transformed a big idea into reality and turned locally collected waste into locally distributed building materials.  Through green manufacturing and partnerships with public and private entities Jan will explain the steps taken to transform a hard-to-recycle item (aseptic and gable top cartons) into a usable commodity.  This involves sourcing materials, developing products, creating manufacturing processes and equipment, obtaining testing and certification and developing viable end markets.  Jan has brought the solution from Europe to Iowa and is now expanding it to Colorado and Philadelphia—learn about his experience and the
incentives that brought this new market to these states.

After founding ReWall, Jan sold the company to Continuous Materials out of Houston in 2018 and then founded Upcycling Technologies to open and operate the Colorado facility.  Continuous Materials is presently working to buy Upcycling Technologies as well.

The agenda includes a session entitled, "Closing the Loop by Buying Recycled."  An often overlooked component of recycling market development is the need for citizens, government entities and industry to buy recycled.  This creates the demand for materials recycled at the curb. Through support from the American Chemistry Council and in partnership with the NRC, More Recycling is creating a platform to recognize leaders in plastic recycling and illuminating the environmental benefits of collective action of getting recycled materials back into the recycling economy. Learn about two new tools within the platform that can help businesses and institutions close the loop: Buy Recycled Products Directory and

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