We ask that you meet just a couple criteria in order to list your services in the Recycling Directory:

  • Your facility or business handles, collects, or processes waste material.
  • Your services are available in either part or all of the state of New Mexico.
  • You are a real business and not a SPAMbot.

If you meet these criteria, please email Sarah Pierpont to obtain a username and password. You will then be allowed to submit your facility or business information into the Recycling Directory.

Recycling Directory Submission Form FAQ’s

How much time will it take to enter my information into the form? Depending on how many locations you operate and how many different materials you accept, the submission form will require 15 – 45 minutes. You cannot save without submitting, so please carve out time to complete the form.

How can I get my business listed in the Recycling Directory? If you meet the simple criteria above, send us an email and we’ll set you up with your very own username and password.

Do I have to be a member of NMRC in order to be listed in the Recycling Directory? While membership is not a requirement for listing, we are a member-based organization. Members support our programs and receive valuable discounts on our trainings. Check out our membership page

Is there a charge to be listed in the Recycling Directory? No.

What if I need help with the submission form? We have taken great measures to ensure that all kinds of services and materials are listed in the Recycling Directory, but it is a living document. If you need help with the form, email us.

How often is the Recycling Directory updated? Once you have a username and password, you may update or delete your listing any time! Users can help us stay up-to-date by notifying us of changes, too.

Is the Recycling Directory like advertising? No. NMRC does not endorse any of the companies or facilities listed in the recycling directory. All listings are to be used for information purposes only.

Step by Step Instructions for Listing Your Facility or Business

Once you have obtained login information specific to your entity, you may log on to the submissions page. Please remember that this is not the same as becoming a member of NMRC. Check out our membership page. (Then, come back here to enter your information into the Recycling Directory!)

Any time that you want to choose more than one category or subcategory, hold CTRL key on PC (or command on Mac) while clicking.

  1. Enter your facility name and address. Click the appropriate number of locations you operate to open address and contact fields for all locations.
  2. Choose one or more counties that you serve.
  3. Choose one or more services which best describe what you do. This is the “big picture”. You will be able to choose all materials that you handle, in a moment.
  4. Each service you choose will bring up another list of subcategories that will enable you to narrow what kind of service you offer. You must choose a subcategory in order for the main category to show up in the Recycling Directory. Choosing “Recycling Equipment Sales” for example, will bring up a list of possible equipment. You may choose more than one subcategory. For each subcategory you choose, a note field will appear. Here, you can explain or clarify, but you do not have to enter any notes.
  5. Now, choose one or more materials that you handle. Each material that you choose will bring up subcategories. You must choose a subcategory in order for the main category to show up in the Recycling Directory. For each of the subcategories you choose, a note field will appear. This is a good place to describe fees, ask customers to call ahead or give more detail about the material, but you do not have to enter any notes. Plastic subcategories for example, do not use the number system. If you describe your program by saying #1-#7 plastics, you’ll need to choose all appropriate plastic materials you accept and then type #1-#7 into one of the note fields. Common notes such as, “fee” or “No Plastic Bags” show up in the subcategories. Choose these to save time from having to type this into the notes field!
  6. Click SUBMIT.
  7. You’re finished! Thank you for ensuring that New Mexicans have access to recycling and reuse services. You will now be able to view your listing.