Know what to throw New Mexico

Let’s Clean It Up

As important as it is to recycle, it’s even more important to recycle right. Food waste, plastic bags and wrap, un-recyclable items, and trash contaminate recyclables and create costly errors in the process. This, in turn, leads to more items in the landfill.

Know What To Throw

As a general rule, you can recycle plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and aluminum. However, each community has different guidelines. Be sure to use our interactive map below to get more information and find out what can be thrown in the recycle bins where you live.

Empty, Clean and Dry Items Get Recycled

Greasy pizza boxes, dirty peanut butter jars, takeout containers with food residue and bottles or glass (where allowed) with liquid are all contaminants that ruin the recycling process. Ensure your items do not have any food or liquid residue, and if you’re unsure if it’s recyclable, toss it in the trash. Use your best judgment - if it takes 5 gallons of water to wash out that empty peanut butter jar - it's better to throw it in the trash.

Loose Materials Get Recycled

Plastic bags and plastic wrap are not recyclable through any municipal recycling program in our state. Do not bag your recyclables, and remember to bring your reusable shopping bags with you when you go to the store.

Tell Your Community

Download a flyer with these easy steps to recycle right. Put it on your in-home recycle bin or on your fridge as a handy reminder, or share it with your friends and neighbors.

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Find Your Community

The interactive map below links to municipalities, counties and solid waste authorities providing recycling services in New Mexico. It may not include all recycling options in your area, such as private scrap metal dealers, compost facilities, etc. It is intended to give you a good starting place to Know What To Throw New Mexico. Click on the green markers below to learn more.

To download assets for Recycling Managers, click here.

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