Technical Assistance and Funding Resources

NMRC is here to support the growth of local community recycling programs, connect you with existing resources and to provide technical assistance to the best extent possible.

Having support and resources to grow your local program will help ensure its success and sustainability.

Request NMRC technical assistance by contacting Juliana Ciano.

NMRC is working to bring diversion efforts to rural communities

As part of a USDA Rural Utilities Service grant, NMRC will work to bring sustainable materials management practices to rural communities with populations of 10,000 or less.  The grant period is from October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020 and will focus on establishing reuse centers, hosting "Fix-It' repair clinics, creating zero waste toolkits and leading backyard composting trainings.  To learn more click HERE and to find out if your community is eligible for assistance, click HERE.  

Tools a Community Can Use to Increase Recycling

Check out all the great resources NMRC has developed on our Resources webpage to assist community recycling programs!

Supporting Policy Tools

Find links to policy-related topics below.

Sample Ordinances That Boost Recycling

Strong Recycling Programs Benefit the Economy and the Environment

Pay-As-You-Throw: A proven way to reduce waste, increase recycling and reduce disposal costs

Mandatory Provision of Recycling Services Through Hauler Permitting/Licensing

Moving Towards Universal Recycling

How to Implement a Local Ordinance to Increase Recycling

Funding for Recycling Resources

The 2014 NM Recycling and Solid Waste Conference held sessions dedicated to this topic. There are recycling grants, construction loan programs, capital outlay requests, a local environmental gross receipts tax (GRT) and a general local GRT that can be used to fund projects.