The 2017 Recycling Awards will be presented at the NMRC Annual Meeting and Recycling Training to be held at the Albuquerque Museum on June 7th. It is okay to nominate yourself for an award or to nominate more than one person or entity. Nominations due May 12th! 

Nomination and Award Selection criteria includes the following:

  • Waste Diversion Program of the Year
    -Program can be recycling, composting and/or reuse related
    -Tell us why the program is considered innovative
    -Were new systems, equipment, programs or technologies used
    -How has this program demonstrated excellent waste diversion initiatives? Quantify amount of material diverted if possible
    -How does the program enhance solid waste management in the area?
    -Are community groups or regulatory agencies involved?
  • Recycler of the Year – This award recognizes outstanding individuals who work in the recycling and/or composting field
    -Describe how this individual has made an impact in their local community
    -Provide examples of excellence, program development and recycling innovation that this individual has fostered

Recycling Awards