NMRC is the first state in the country to provide national certification as a Sustainable Resource Manager. Working with the National Recycling Coalition to provide the certification which is in line with a newly developed program, accredited through Penn State University. The national certification requires 30 classroom hours of training in addition to final examinations. The three day Recycling Facility Operator Certification Course provides 24 hours of classroom training. In addition to these hours, the Recycling Professionals Training is needed to secure the additional required 6 additional CEUs.

The National Certification enables professionals to receive recognition for their continued professional development and add this national certification to their resumes.  The standards are consistent throughout the United States, so the baseline learning outcomes gained here in New Mexico are comparable to what other professionals are learning in other states.

Since launching in 2013, New Mexico has certified 50 individuals as the first nationally certified Sustainable Resource Managers in the country. Numerous other states are currently working towards or have attained this national certification, including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey with interest from other states growing.

The National Sustainable Resource Management (NSRM) Professional Certification is awarded to those individuals who complete the essential 30 CEUs and pass the designated exams (with a score of 70% or higher) and have one year of experience or took the state certifying 3-day class and passed the exam at the end of that class. Certification is a means to identify qualified recycling professionals committed to personal excellence and achievements of skills, knowledge, and a demonstrated broad understanding of Sustainable Resource Management issues. The professional status of certification can be displayed as a visual tool of professional designation on your resume, business cards, correspondence, research, reports, and other printed or published materials.

Application for National Certification Program

Click here for the National Certification Program Policies

In order to keep pace with changing regulations and technologies, to maintain certified national status, the participant must complete 30 CEU hours of approved credit courses or activities within three years of their graduation date and every three years after. It is the responsibility of participants to submit the Recertification Request Form to NMRC preferably 6 weeks before the training opportunity takes place in order for the review process to take place. Once 30 hours have been attained, NMRC will send a letter verifying re-certification. NMRC will generally offer re-certification CEU credits from NMRC-hosted trainings, and will consider by request for recertification credit national, state programs, or accredited college courses in the field of recycling and sustainable resourcel management with appropriate pre-approval from NMRC. All recertification requests are reviewed by the NMRC Training Committee and then Penn State.

Please complete the Recertification Request Form to request consideration of an upcoming training opportunity. The request form asks for an agenda and speaker credentials in order for consideration.

For more details on re-certification, please review the National Certification Program Policies.