Providing planning, analysis and programmatic design for strong, economically wise and efficient diversion programs.

The New Mexico Recycling Coalition is a statewide non-profit entity with well-established relationships in the recycling and solid waste industry across the state. Working in New Mexico for more than 20 years as the go-to entity for recycling advocacy and resources, we understand the challenges inherent in operating recycling programs in our state.

NMRC is a national leader with expertise in both rural and urban community recycling, composting and diversion programs. We are skilled at drawing upon our experience in the state to navigate the unique challenges and barriers inherent in the operation of recycling programs in New Mexico. NMRC is also able to provide consultation to other states or regional entities wishing to use hub and spoke rural recycling principles.

Let NMRC help you with such in-depth projects as:

  • System-wide recycling program planning and equipment recommendations
  • Planning and conceptual layout for expanded recycling services, e.g. curbside, business, food waste collections
  • Best practice recommendations to maximize recycling in a cost-effective manner
  • Local level policy and ordinance development
  • Integrated solid waste and recycling program planning
  • Diversion program strategic planning
  • Rate and program analysis to identify efficiencies, increase diversion and apply full-cost accounting principles
  • Pay-As-You-Throw solid waste billing system development
  • Hub and spoke rural recycling project planning and advisement
  • Resource recovery park or reuse station conceptual planning
  • Organics management and utilization
  • Expanded recycling and diversion optimization of existing programs
  • Education and outreach to target audiences
  • Waste stream auditing
  • Stakeholder meeting hosting to build consensus, solicit input
  • Recycling/diversion training and certification programs

NMRC staff has utilized its expertise to author articles for leading national industry journals including Resource Recycling, Recycling Today, Waste Age and American Public Works Association; present at national recycling conferences including Resource Recycling Conference, Department of Energy’s Better Building Summit for State and Local Communities, WasteCon Solid Waste and Recycling Conference, ASTSWMO State and Territorial Solid Waste Managers and EPA National Annual Conference; present as a keynote at the NM Infrastructure Finance Conference; author a monthly article for the NM state employee publication, Round the Roundhouse; and have served as an advisor to states with similar rural recycling demographics as New Mexico, including Wyoming, Colorado, Tennessee and Montana. Additionally, NMRC is listed on the US Department of the Interior’s website for best green practices in regard to recycling best practices.

Our goal is to provide you with in-depth planning, analysis and program development that focuses on wise economics and efficiencies so that your recycling program can be successful, sustainable and serve as a complement to your solid waste management.

In order to provide truly comprehensive support to communities, NMRC is now offering affordable consulting servicesthat will enable your recycling program to work to your advantage, harvesting value and bringing benefit of diverting materials from the landfill. We will work in partnership with your community to reach the goals you wish to accomplish!

To submit a RFP to NMRC, please send attention to Sarah Pierpont at email or mail to NMRC, PO Box 24364, Santa Fe, NM 87502

Call today to discuss your consulting needs! Sarah Pierpont, 505-603-0558 or email.