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Find out where you can recycle in your community.

NMORO - NM Organics Recycling Organization
NMORO Organics Recycling Task Force
NMORO offers organics recycling expertise to help reach our state’s goal of increased diversion. It has also launched an Organics Recycling Task Force, which meets to discuss issues and develop resources.

Starting an Organics Diversion Program
NMORO & NMRC created a simple guide to assist communities in launching or expanding their organics management program. Included in the guide is a worksheet to guide you through the steps of considering upfront costs, equipment needs, ongoing costs and then benefits derived from diverting organics. Case Studies of programs such as Las Cruces, Soilutions, Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority, Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Soils Amendment Facilty, City of Albuquerque and Wood U Recycle! are included.

New Mexico Organics Recycling Guide  more

Using Mulch and Compost Locally
When collecting yard waste and organic materials it is important to know that the material will have practical uses, whether you make the choice to create mulch or compost for diversion. To this end, NMRC created a comprehensive guide on using compost and mulch locally. While the guide focuses on rural communities, the information can be used in any sized community.

The guide provides a variety of local uses for both mulch and compost.
Uses outlined in the guide include:
 Parks and Recreation Uses
 Golf Courses
 Organic Farms
 Land Remediation
 Erosion Control
 Slope Stabilization

Local Use of Compost and Mulch Guide  more

Learn About Diverting Food Waste
Almost 40% of food is lost or wasted from production to plate and represents almost 15% of our waste stream. NMRC is promoting the reduction of food waste through source reduction, food donation, food to animals and composting. Find out more about how to reduce waste at your business. more

NMORO/NMRC Position on Organics Management
The two entities have created a position statement advising communities on best practices of organics management.

The New Mexico Organics Recycling Organization encourages local communities to develop cost-effective programs to divert organic material (including yard, food, manure, mortality, agricultural and biosolids waste) from landfills.  Removing organics from the waste stream has the following benefits: conserves landfill space, enables utilization of a valuable resource, and avoids greenhouse gas (methane) creation.  These programs should consider the following components:

  1. Develop Local Ordinances to Encourage a Soft Ban Of and Provide Price Incentives to Reduce and Divert Organics From Landfills. A soft ban requests customers to voluntarily comply with a material ban. The ban can be written into local ordinance or simply added to signage and does not have penalties or enforcement. Price incentives would provide a reduced tip fee for sorted organic material.
View Complete Position Statement more

Receive In-The-Field Assistance

-NMORO strives to assist communities and large facilities with setting up their composting operations. You may send a request for technical assistance to

-Several Bernalillo County Extension Master Composter trainings have been completed. Master Composter interns from Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia, Cibola and McKinley counties are available to teach home composting classes- free to the public. Send inquiries to :


NMORO Resources

  • Send a request to join the NMORO listserve more
  • Check out the NMORO FaceBook page more
  • Backyard Composting Brochure English   Spanish
  • New Mexico Compost Facilities more

  • Bernalillo County Extension Master Composter Training more

  • Compost Testing Laboratories  more

  • NMORO Compost Mix Calculation Resources:

  • Nitrogen/Carbon Weights of Specific Materials, more

  • NMRC/NMORO Compost Mixture Calculation more

  • Worksheet, and Moisture & Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio more

Organics Facility Registration Requirements

More NMORO Resources

Market Development and Regulatory Compliance Support

Backyard Composting Education


Special Discount Registration Fees

Join the NM Recycling Coalition! NMRC has made organics recycling a major objective, and your membership will help us reach the high recycling goals we’ve set. Thanks for supporting NMORO.


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