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R3 - Recycled Material Marketing Cooperative

The NMRC is host to R3, the Rural Resources Recycling marketing cooperative. Based on the farm cooperative model, R3 brings together smaller communities to successfully gain fair market value for their material.


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What is the R3 Coop?
Much like the farm coops tranformed the marketplace for rural farmers, a recycling co-op can provide great advantage to the rural recycler.

The co-op model operates in the same manner as its corporate counterpart, aggregating materials from a variety of suppliers for sale to a common mill. The central advantage of the co-op is that it is based on the principle of returning the greatest value possible to its membership. R3 will act as a not-for-profit broker of members' materials to secure the best possible pricing. R3 will coordinate all transportation of recyclables and that cost will be included as part of the end-market sale price.

  • The R3 Co-op will pool materials from members and sell this large volume to end markets markets, thus ensuring high recovered values.
  • The R3 Co-op will coordinate shipments, distribute payments and support data, prepare quarterly member  reports, etc.
  • The R3 Co-op’s centralized marketing system will satisfy mill’s volume demands for  other materials (e.g. plastics).
  • The R3 Co-op will provide customized technical support to members regarding community outreach & awareness.

Why Become a Member of the R3 Marketing Cooperative?

Domestic Mill Preference
The R3 co-op will first look at NMCompanies, then American processors to support American jobs and products.

Market Value Pricing

Expanded Commodity Sales

Excellent Customer Service

Quality Control Training

Technical Assistance Regarding

Recycling Program Expansion

On-Site Visits

Education & Outreach Program
Including education campaign development, hosting of stakeholder meetings, access to standardized signage and other customized outreach         

Brochure Printing
NMRC will work with Co-Op members to develop and print outreach brochures for community members

To include tonnages by commodity, costs avoided & energy conservation benefits. Reports will aid all member communities in preparation of year-end reports for NM Enviro. Department and include a web-based interface for easy reference.

Materials Expected to be Recycled by the R3 Co-Op include Cardboard (OCC), Mixed Paper (ONP), Aluminum (UBC), Tin Cans and Plastic #1 (PET), Plastic #2 (HDPE) Bottles, Telephone Directories (OTD)

 Membership Networking Opportunities

Pricing, Membership Information and More
To receive more information about NMRC's R3 Recycled Materials Cooperative, please contact Co-op Manager Jessi Just at



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