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Find out where you can recycle in your community.

Out of the Box Recycling Ideas

There are unlimited ways that we can reduce the amount of waste we put out on the curb every week.  Here is a list of ideas to consider.



Use a Digital Camera
Digital Cameras use less paper and chemicals and save you money!

Use it ALL Up!
Cut open plastic shampoo, soap and lotion bottles to get all the remaining product.


Use Rechargeable Batteries

Shoulder Pads
Cut out of jackets and shirts and glue to wire coat hangers. They make prized coat hangers since they don't leave a crease in the shoulder.


Dead Lawn Mower
Remove motor, and bolt a board to the base and use as a dolly to move heavy items. 


Old or Lost Socks
Cut open and use for rags.

Packing Peanuts
Take to Pack Ship and Mail stores for reuse. 

For the Car, Truck or Motorcycle
Recycle your motor oil...and purchase recycled oil 

Film Canisters
-Use for seed storage for next years garden and to store screws, tacks, paper clips, buttons, or other small items.
-Poke holes in the bottom and use for salt and pepper shakers for lunches and camping. 

Buy Pre-Loved Items
Shop at consignment and second hand stores. 

Don't Bag It
- Next time you buy something small, tell the clerk you don't need a bag. 

- Take reusable bags with you to the grocery store.

Fix It!
Use a hot glue gun or paper clips to fix plastic items such as a laundry basket. 
Buy durable items that are less likely to break. 

A Dead Volley or Soccer Ball
Cut in half and use as a drill guard to catch plaster when drill holes in the ceiling

Toilet Paper Tubes
Use to gather together cords from appliances, electronics and entertainment centers.

Use the Library!

Create a Tool Library

Buy Recycled 
Toilet paper, tissues, paper and other products made with recycled materials are easy to find. 

MIsc. Items
Make into a recycled garment and enter into the Santa Fe Recycled Fashion Contest and win prizes! Visit the website for details.



More ideas for recycling in the kitchen and giving gifts....


Learn more about the 33% by 2012 TeamRecycle More New Mexico!




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